Sunday, 9 November 2014

Creative & Green Branding

Green Imaging/branding:

Creating green-awareness and adopting green-exercises across business operation is very much essential for today's business. Green initiatives such as "green branding" exercises are becoming business sustainability tools. We at HOBS, provide a range of green-branding solutions to all types of businesses and industries.

Our green-branding services include:

1) Carbon Footprint Assessment (GHG emissing footprinting) for business/plant operations.
    Supply/facilitate with Carbon/Emission Offsets and help branding as "Carbon Neutral".

2) Product Life Cycle Assessment and calculate product emission footprints per product.
    Supply/facilitate with Carbon/Emission Offsets to neutralize the accounted footprints.

3) Environmental Product Disclosure and reporting.

4) GHG estimation in constructions activities (real estate, infrastructure etc.) & to offset those emissions with Carbon Credits to become Green or Carbon Neutral.

5) Carbon footprint estimation for events (conference, workshop, wedding, functions etc.) and supply offsets to neutralize the emission footprints and mark "green".

And more........

We conduct our assessment as per ISO and WBCSD guidelines.
Assessment follows a step by step procedure and standard methodology, nationalized/global emission factors etc. and the entire scope is concluded by a standard report.

With green-branding exercises, companies can mark a competitive stride in the filed of sustainable business practice and environmentally-concerned businesses, thereby highlight proactiveness for future regulations and attribute to environmental and social responsibilities.

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